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EUDRES awareness campaign about what an I Living Lab is

The advertisements included in this portfolio are part of an advertising campaign carried out in the Advertising Creativity discipline of the Marketing degree

Print ad/Flyer

Junho 2023


The campaign aims to inform the target audience, students from European universities in EUDRES, about the I Living Lab programme, using one of its attributes - the utilization of the design thinking tool. Additionally, through the initial three phases of design thinking, we associate the benefit of participating in one of these EUDRES programs - intellectual growth.

Through an informal and inspirational tone, we introduce the three main research areas that the target audience can explore and contribute their knowledge to by participating in this program.


Junho 2023


One of the characteristics of the defined target is their enjoyment of overcoming challenges. Therefore, we seek to represent it through the path with puzzle pieces that, as they progress, gradually come together and in the end, join to form the person's "thought," demonstrating that they have successfully completed a challenge proposed by I Living Lab.


Junho 2023


The campaign respects the brand's image through the colours and graphic elements used, such as lines, to continue representing the brand and its authentic and futuristic personality. The promise is being upheld through the representation of the key phases of design thinking (empathize, define, and ideate), which are the main tools used in the program. Lastly, the tone of the campaign reflects the brand's personality, being inspirational as we encourage you to "design your thinking" and "practice your future" with I Living Lab.

Instagram Storie

Junho 2023


The focus of EUDRES positioning is the benefits that are attributed through its projects and activities. In this way, the main benefits that being intellectual growth, we intend to demonstrate the same by assembling the puzzle in the person’s mind.

Instagram Post Ad 1

Junho 2023


Our goals are to raise awareness of the “I Living Labs” program and increase enrolment by students and other stakeholders, highlighting its benefits and unique opportunities. In our campaign, it was essential to focus on the benefits that the program provides, so we always tried to maintain what is the identity of EUDRES to communicate with our target audience in the best way, while also guaranteeing the awakening of interest in the program, in EUDRES and for everything it stands for.

InstagramPosts_ILIVINGLABS_2022 (1)_2.jpg

Instagram Post Ad 2

Junho 2023


Our promise is the benefit of participating in an I Living Lab program, our focus being on intellectual growth, this is represented by assembling the pieces along the line until it becomes a puzzle in the person's mind.

Instagram Vídeo

Junho 2023


With our video we intend to represent and convey what the I Living Labs program is and how it is lived. From the implemented work tools that make us grow in knowledge and skills to the work method, which, being in a team, provides moments of sharing and essential perspectives for the development of solutions for the themes developed in the program.

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